Choose your Psittacus Official Store

PSITTACUS STORE is the set of official online PSITTACUS stores that exist in the world. At the moment, the PSITTACUS STORE is open in Spain, Italy, and the USA.

Our PSITTACUS STORES offer customised solutions for each customer profile (pet owners, breeders, shops, veterinarians). The daily management of our official stores is delegated to our official country distributors or to official collaborating companies. PSITTACUS aims to gradually introduce stores into each of the countries in which we have a stable commercial structure.

The mission of all the PSITTACUS STORES is to cover the deficits that may exist in the physical network of commercialization and to ensure that all the products that are introduced into a country’s market are always available for its clients.

If you are from a country without a PSITTACUS STORE, please contact us. We will direct you to the supplier closest to you.

Our commercial network